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The Torchwood Music Project

Tunes from the Hub

The Soundtrack of Torchwood
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Welcome to twmusicproject, better known as the Torchwood Music Project. This community is dedicated to finding and sharing information about the songs and music featured in the BBC's spin-off Doctor Who series, Torchwood.

Don't really know what we're about? Then I ask you the following questions: Ever watched an episode where you simply cannot remember a certain song, even if the same lyric has been running through your head all day? Frustrated by that string quartet which doesn't seem to have an actual name or composer? Wish you had a video iPod, just to take the music from the episode with you wherever you go?

Don't worry. You've come to the right place. Be comforted in our vast expanse of musical knowledge, and get excited by our own satisfying creations.
Oh! Rules! Abide by them or feel terribly, terribly guilty.

- First and foremost: Be courteous. Just because you've been jamming to the Beatles since you were four, know the entire history of orchestral music, or own all six albums of a rather unknown band, doesn't mean that other people share the same knowledge. This is what the community is here for. If you can't be nice, then kindly take your leave.

- Feel free to post your fanmixes, personal soundtracks, or even home-made sound-edited creations. They must be related to Torchwood, though, or the entry will not be accepted for posting.

- If someone is hosting a song on their own webspace, please do not pass out the link to others, and make sure that you thank them for even finding and being able to upload music in the first place.

- Don't take credit for what you haven't done. Editing and exporting Mp3's can take a lot of time, and the contributors of the community aren't doing it just for themselves. We'd like to be able to pride ourselves on a certain level of excellence, which is what all of you are bringing to the fore.
Interested in joining? There's a few things you'll need to know first.

- This community functions on moderated membership, which means you can only be accepted with the mod's approval. But don't let this put you off! There's a nice, healthy reason for it.

- Acceptance is based on how active you are (comments posted, etc), that you haven't only joined file-sharing communities, and you're not a 'sock journal.' Make sure you have your e-mail notification turned on - it will notify you whether you have been accepted or rejected.

- If you believe there's been a mistake (and it does happen!) then feel free to contact me via e-mail at twmusicproject.mod[at]gmail.com.

- Posts made to the community will also be moderated for the first few days until everyone is comfortable with how and what to post. If your entry isn't approved, I'll send you a little note with how to make it appropriate. :)

Still want to join? Good! And don't forget to watch the community so you aren't missing out on any updates.
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